Hat-trick of NPS projects shortlisted for RICS awards

Two new schools in Norfolk and an education and skills centre in Leytonstone are among a trio of NPS projects shortlisted for the prestigious 2019 RICS awards.


NPS London has been shortlisted for its work on The Junction in the Community Benefit category which saw a disused building converted into a combined adult learning facility and children’s centre.


The £1.4 million project in Leytonstone involved the internal remodelling and refurbishment of the three storey Upskilling Centre with NPS London providing multidisciplinary design services, contract administration and project management.


The Junction, completed in September 2018, is a learning centre facility within Leytonstone which provides the opportunity for local Waltham Forest residents to improve their skills, health and earning potential through involvement in learning services for adults. The facility also includes a refurbished children’s and family centre on the ground floor. The Junction provides state of the art classrooms to facilitate access to a wide range of courses and apprenticeships for adults designed to help them back into work or to get a better job. The working world is going through a period of great change and the Junction provides assistance to those who are facing job insecurity or complex career decisions.


Councillor Clare Coghill, Leader of Waltham Forest Council, said: “The Council is committed to improving the life chances of our residents from cradle to grave and centres such as The Junction do just that, offering educational and skills-based courses to help their careers as well as support for families.”

NPS Property Consultants in Norwich has been shortlisted for its work on two new schools in the Norfolk market town of Attleborough.


Chapel Green school is a purpose built SEND school for physically disabled and complex needs and can accommodate 110 pupils from Reception to 6th Form age. The build combines passive ventilation, thermal mass and natural daylighting to provide exemplar teaching and learning spaces.


The school is short-listed for the Eastern Region RICS Awards 2019 in the Design through Innovation category. The school meets the specific needs of the pupils and captures the ethos of the school to create a learning environment with suitable challenges for the pupils’ diverse needs, which overcomes barriers to learning.


The school uses innovation in the accommodation, layout and uses of space, to provide an efficiently designed school, featuring a state-of-the-art Hydrotherapy Pool, physiotherapy room and medical room and a sensory room. A Life Skills flat replicates ‘real life’ adult living accommodation.


Rosecroft Primary School is short-listed in the Community Benefit category. The new school replaces an existing Victorian structure located in the town centre, and represents a decant of the existing school community to the new location. In-depth consultation was held with the Head Teacher and school staff over several months and public consultation where the views of the public, parents and carers were invited was carried out.


The building was designed in response to a number of parameters and constraints, not least the local streetscape. The road which faces the school is orientated NE to SW, and it was felt important that the public face of the building addressed it. This was at odds with the ideal solar orientation of north to south, but to resolve this, a cranked plan form was developed, with a central section which faces the road, whilst maintaining the correct aspect for the classrooms.


Judges will now visit the projects prior to winners being announced in May. These shortlisting’s are a great achievement and recognise the hard work by all teams involved.

February 14, 2019