NPS advise on managing heritage assets

NPS Group is delighted to have created an updated guidance document for local government on managing heritage assets.


Working alongside Historic England, NPS Senior Associate Architect Paul Kings (Architect Accredited in Building Conservation), Strategic Asset Management Consultant Alan Phelps and Conservation Consultant Alan Wright (Conservation Accredited Building Surveyor), led on its creation. The document includes a basic framework of guidance, case study examples of what can be done to bring heritage assets back into use, and some practical diagnostic tools that local authorities can adopt and modify to suit their own management arrangements.


The guidance is directed towards asset managers, and places emphasis on thinking more broadly and creatively about the options around heritage assets. It is hoped that the guidance can help to raise the profile of heritage, so that our past is used positively to shape future cities, with heritage becoming one of the underpinning themes shaping the future of cities agendas.


Alan Phelps said: “Heritage matters need to be more fully recognised by asset managers, and require greater focus of attention. There is a need to encourage greater sharing of the good practice that already exists in local government and to raise the profile of heritage so that it is actively considered as part of decision making over the allocation of scarce resources.


This guidance is intended to provide a contribution to these objectives and asset managers are encouraged to read the guidance and to integrate the recommended practice into their existing policies and procedures as appropriate.”


Click here to read the full guidance document


Historic England is also holding a series of training days alongside the introduction of the new guidance, and Paul Kings, Alan Phelps and Alan Wright will all be presenting at the events. Places are free to delegates on a first come, first served basis. Click below to register: 

August 23, 2017