Company performance

Our aims

  • Achieve sustainable and profitable growth
  • Expand our customer base and meet our client’s needs while making a positive impact on the communities in which we serve
  • Continue to deliver high quality services efficiently
  • Maintain a culture where our people thrive and reach their full potential


NPS Group has achieved excellent performance results since its inception in 2002. We will continue to seek to improve both our profitability and competitiveness in the coming years through effective resource management and the continuous development of efficient processes. 


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Gender Pay Gap Reporting

From 2017, any UK organisation employing 250 or more employees has to publicly report on its gender pay gap.


You can read the Gender Pay Gap Report for NPS Property Consultants here


The NPS business is traditionally male dominated in line with similar businesses in the construction industry. There is significant work underway to reduce this gap, and focus is on trying to attract and retain more female staff. Graduate recruitment, which will provide future senior staff, is beginning to attract more female candidates and our mentoring and coaching programmes should ensure we retain this talent. This work will remain in progress for some time.