Rating and Valuation

Our experienced rating surveyors ensure that all the properties in a portfolio are correctly valued, and guide our clients through the complex system of local taxation.  A valuation may be required


  • When new acquisitions are to be added to the portfolio
  • When there has been a significant alteration to a property or its use
  • When the local surroundings have changed significantly
  • For inclusion in the balance sheet of an organisation's accounts
  • To agree rental terms for a new lease
  • To help provide security for a loan
  • For choosing an adequate level of insurance cover
  • For ensuring that business rates are at an appropriate level

Our concern is to save you time and money.  We offer a highly responsive valuation service, operating on a flexible fee basis.  As well as working in long-term arrangements with local government, we also undertake individual commissions for clients in the public and private sectors.  We investigate whether there are any conflicts of interest, clarify the brief, and liaise with clients and stakeholders such as the Valuations Office Agency.  Our help with accurate and fair property valuations is an important part of making sure that your portfolio is aligned with your business objectives.  The activities we provide under rating and valuation services include


  • Inspections to check plans for accuracy and update as necessary, calculate floor areas, take photographs, and note any factors in the surrounding area that will affect the valuation
  • Creation of a portfolio database including current and previous rateable values, floor plans, relevant history of the property, and any previously recorded Material Changes of Circumstance
  • Identifying properties where material changes may have occurred since the last valuation
  • Negotiation with the Valuations Office Agency to review proposed rating valuations and lodge appeals
  • Representing our clients at tribunals, to defend the accuracy of our property valuations
  • Provision of a comprehensive valuation report, tailored to your exact requirements, including advice on the availability of exemptions and tax reliefs.
  • Monitoring Rates invoices on behalf of our clients to ensure they do not pay too much
  • Managing Notices of Return within the statutory time limit

We will help you to determine the type of valuation most appropriate to your need, and will explain the ways in which it may be used for your benefit.  This service by our Chartered Surveyors is in accordance with the RICS Valuation Standards Manual 6th Edition, known as the Red Book.  Our aim is to help you manage your property using the best available advice for reducing costs.