Compulsory Purchase

The compulsory purchase process can be very complex, and extend over many years for larger schemes.  Understanding the compensation issues that arise will be made easier by engaging the services of NPS Group as specialist property consultants. 


We offer professional advice throughout the whole compulsory purchase process, using our detailed knowledge of the relevant legislation.  Where there is no conflict of interest we act both for local authorities and statutory undertakers exercising those powers, and individual landowners or tenants who are affected by them.  Our services include assistance, advice, and representation on:


  • Preparation of scheme budgets through estimating the level of compensation that may need to be paid to land and property owners from the acquisition of their interests
  • Assessment of blight claims, and their management and negotiation including discretionary purchases
  • Negotiation of claims submitted under Part 1 of the Land Compensation Act 1973
  • Settlement of land compensation claims, including the agreement of work needed to form a boundary between purchased land and adjacent land (accommodation works)
  • Dealing with all heads of claim arising from the acquisition of interests, including disturbance compensation, loss payments, severance, negative affects on neighbouring properties (injurious affection), loss of profits, and the extinguishment of businesses
  • Negotiation of early entry to land and property for scheme purposes in advance of a compulsory purchase order.