Land Surveying

We offer a full range of land surveying services, either as part of a wider package of asset management services or as individual stand-alone commissions.  Our highly skilled surveyors and the members of our specialist supply chain have access to sophisticated equipment to ensure absolute accuracy of data.  We can prepare detailed plans and 3D rendered images as an in-house capability, using the industry-leading CAD expertise of our architectural technicians.


Our land surveys are carried out in the knowledge that we may be dealing with significant historical evidence.  We have in-house archaeological specialists who can advise our surveyors and provide a 'watching brief' for work that disturbs the ground.  We are also acutely aware that some of the areas where we work carry a risk of discovering unexploded ordnance (UXO) from past conflicts.  Where there is a possible  UXO risk we will engage specialist advice and provide mitigation measures to ensure site safety.


NPS Group's land surveying services include:


  • Topographical surveys of land levels
  • Geotechnical surveys of ground conditions
  • Engineering surveys for setting-out the delineation of buildings
  • As-built surveys showing positions of structures and services
  • Coastal monitoring to measure cliff edge erosion and sand accretion and denudation
  • GIS-compliant data capture for input to the Land Registry property register
  • Preparation of Land Registry compliant plans for planning applications, deeds, leases, acquisitions and disposals, and conveyancing
  • Boundary disputes — survey and advice on resolution.