Health and safety management

Our expertise in health & safety does not only extend to ensuring the highest safety standards on our own projects.  We also provide health & safety advice as a stand-alone consultancy service for clients and their supply chain.  Our work includes:


  • Development and review of an organisation’s documented health & safety policies and procedures, benefiting from the breadth of our experience across the UK.  This service includes emergency and disaster recovery planning.


  • On-site occupational health & safety management and workplace inspections, to ensure that the highest standards are being achieved.


  • Auditing the health & safety systems of approved contractors working for local authorities.  We review the content of their health & safety policy documents, and assess whether their intentions are being translated into systems and procedures that are relevant and practical for the work being carried out.


  • Fire safety and risk assessments, including advice on how the building fabric can be modified to provide compartmentalisation of fire control zones.  Our expertise with conservation work enables us to include these features unobtrusively into historic buildings.  This advice is also offered as an integrated part of our building refurbishment schemes.


  • Accident / incident investigation to find the root causes that inform review of health & safety policies and procedures.


  • Event safety management, including development of bespoke health & safety management processes for individual events, and vetting of event suppliers for satisfactory health & safety competence.