Carbon and energy management

Rising energy prices, uncertainty about fossil fuels and legislation regulating carbon admissions have placed energy and carbon performance firmly within the financial arena.  Public and private sector organisations recognise that this is a key area for reducing their operational costs.


Our subsidiary company, Norse Energy works pro-actively with our customers to understand their needs. This is fully integrated with NPS's strategic asset management capability, so we can develop comprehensive long-term strategies. 


Our comprehensive range of energy and carbon solutions cover every aspect of a buildings life-cycle incorporating feasibility and design, improvement and management alongside offering compliance and monitoring services ensuring energy efficiency is fully embedded into your portfolio management.


Whatever stage your project is at, whether you are ready to begin, confused within a maze of options or not sure where to start and need to talk it through, we can draw upon a nationwide resource of professionals and specialists to make sure you have the right people around you for your energy scheme. 


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Our approach

Exemplar scheme for energy efficiency

Our work with Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council on a pilot scheme to demonstrate how an existing school could become as energy efficient as a new build.

Planning for renewable energy

We are managing a project to assess whether any of Stockport’s weirs are suitable for generation of hydro-electric power.

Continually improving refurbishment

By keeping a core team and supply chain together from one project to the next, we learn and continually improve the results we achieve.

Invest to save energy costs

We are managing a carbon reduction budget on behalf of Norfolk County Council, with the aim of saving £1.5m per year.