Fire safety

Fire safety regulations via the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 now require employers to carry out “suitable and sufficient” fire risk assessments.


Our fully qualified fire safety engineers and fire risk assessors  have the capabilities and expertise to carry out the following services:


• Advise on effective fire safety management techniques to ensure the overall safety of a building. This may include advice on staff training, arson risks, record keeping, maintenance issues, site safety and refuse management.


• Examine the economic aspects of fire safety in a commercial project.


• Assess the need for fire protection methods to be incorporated into services designs and advise on budget cost’s for new fire safety installations and refurbishments.


• Identify and appreciate hazards and carry out Risk Assessments / Audits. This includes guidance on issues to be covered in a risk assessment / audit, arson risks, amendments to existing fire safety installations, compartmentation / fire stopping, egress routes, signage and emergency and anti-panic lighting.


• Advise on the necessary fire services installations required in buildings to comply with current Legislation's and Regulations.


• Describe and specify passive and active fire protection systems.


• Advise on the various codes of practice, legislation and British Standards dealing with active and passive fire precautions.