Quality inspection

As consultant partners, we are the 'eyes and ears' of our customers on-site.  We protect their interests, and help to ensure that new-build and refurbishment projects within their property portfolio achieve the highest levels of site safety.

The role of inspector for a local authority property management framework involves being out of the office and 'on site' for 80–90% of the time.  We lead by example for health & safety compliance.

Our quality inspectors have a vast level of experience, which is vital for providing a superior service.  It enables them to identify potential difficulties early, and eliminate problems before they can develop into defects.  This approach of minimising the incidence of defects is integral to our cost management services for large projects.  The work of our inspectors is fully documented as part of our accredited business management system.

We have positive relationships with contractors across the UK.  Our reputation is that we are strict but fair.  The collaborative nature of our relationships means that those contractors have a clear understanding of the standards we expect from them.  We constantly reinforce the message that prevention is better than cure.  Consequently, by working closely together we achieve an enviably high rate of 'right first time' work and a high level of efficiency.

Our activities include:


  • Checking for conformity with design drawings
  • Identifying where construction methods could compromise thermal insulation and energy efficiency
  • Liaising with the contractor to ensure the completion of specialist inspections such as air tightness testing
  • Assisting the Site Manager by reporting any potential health & safety problems
  • Carrying out pre-handover inspections and producing a snag list
  • Defect inspections during the contractor's post-handover warranty period.