Elsecar Heritage Centre

A sensitive restoration project to bring derelict workshops, built in c.1850, back into use.


Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council
Elsecar, Barnsley
June 2016

Full description

The proposal for this development aimed to provide viable business units, and have allowed the council to restore vital assets and enhance the local economy.


This major renovation of the former workshop was extremely challenging for both the contractor and the design team. Once restoration works had commenced on site to replace the failing roof structure, it soon became apparent that much of the masonry walls supporting the roof were failing and, therefore, had to be rebuilt. Existing materials were re-used and additional materials sourced as required from local salvage yards. Over 50% of the roof slates were reused during reroofing works, and exact replicas of the original window frames from the second storey were fabricated by local craftsmen. All the original first storey windows were retained, and all frames were painted in heritage colours to complement the existing fabric.


The building has been successfully let out to support local businesses including a bridal boutique, beauty salon and photographer.