CDM compliance

We see CDM compliance not as a liability or a source of budget over-runs, but as an opportunity to apply innovative value engineering to a project. In this way we can often reduce the cost of a building, or find ways of increasing its energy performance or sustainability.


We offer customers a comprehensive consultancy service to manage their duties for compliance with the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015. This includes projects where we are the principal designers or as a stand-alone commission for us to manage the compliance of others.


Enforced by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE), the regulations apply to all construction projects, including those with domestic clients. There are also additional duties when the project is notifiable.


They are designed to:

  • ensure the highest standards of health and safety on site
  • manage risks by ensuring the project uses suitably qualified, skilled and experienced people
  • promote a pro-active approach by 'designing out' risks from the beginning, instead of mitigating the effects later.


Our dedicated principal designers and CDM Advisers across NPS Group work for clients of all types and sizes. We ensure that when we are the Duty Holder under the regulations, this duty is fully complied with.  When the regulations duty is that of the Client, we provide all the guidance you need to ensure compliance and a safe, secure environment for your construction project.


We ensure that the building can be constructed safely, maintained, cleaned and at the end of its useful life, demolished. This means that we make sure the principal contractor is maintaining a safe site, but also that the future tasks for maintenance staff will be conducted with minimal risk. For example, we assess whether a building design features any unnecessary elements that are difficult to access, to minimise health and safety risks from carrying out maintenance activities.


Our external work includes auditing the Health & Safety Systems of contractors working for local authorities.  We review the content of their health and safety policy documents and assess whether their intentions are being translated into systems that are actually in use on-site. For this and other safety-related disciplines, we monitor best practice through our membership of the Association for Project Safety.


 Further details on the regulations can be found on the HSE website.

Our approach

Restoring a fire damaged school in a conservation area

When Parracombe Primary School suffered extensive fire damage NPS was on hand to provide expert advice.

A sensitive refurbishment for Elsecar Newcomen Engine

NPS was recently commissioned to provide quantity surveying and CDMC services for the refurbishment of one of the most important industrial heritage sites in the UK.

Award winning restoration for historic clock tower

We successfully overcame a number of challenges and met the requirements of multiple stakeholders to complete this complex restoration project.

Finding permanent disabled access solutions

Working closely with English Heritage and conservation officials we found a permanent solution for disabled access at Hull’s Guild Hall.