Help Reduce Mouldy Campaign

Our design agency TEN Creative is launching their "Help Reduce Mouldy" products at the CIH Housing conference on 27 June  2016 in Manchester. Mouldy is a character developed to deliver useful facts and tips to help tenants reduce condensation related mould in the household.


Mouldy's educational DVD and booklet are a great resource for Housing Associations and private landlords who wish to reduce expensive call outs for remedial mould treatment works, within their property portfolios. 


Mouldy is geared towards prevention by reducing the causes of mould growth. The character aims to inform his audience on how small measures and changes in habit can have a dramatic effect on the amount of condensation forming in their homes, which in turn will reduce mould related issues. Mouldy is an engaging and fun approach for imparting key information and makes this subject (which might be considered mundane), into a vibrant and energetic campaign. 


TEN Creative developed the Mouldy Character, DVD and booklet working closely with Mould treatment experts. They are now working in partnership with Mould Growth Consultants Ltd to deliver the campaign nationally.


The products, including a range of merchandise to support the campaign, are available to purchase on the website.


The Mouldy campaign includes: 

  • Character development
  • Animation
  • Educational booklets
  • E-commerce web design & development, 
  • Mascot design
  • Exhibition design
  • Promotional merchandise
  • Marketing literature


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