Occupancy and storage audit for Great Ormond Street Hospital

NPS was commissioned by Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) to evaluate the use of their current office space provision across two buildings: Barclay House and a former Nurses’ Home.


Recognising that administrative office space is a costly resource, the client wished to assess how well its existing space was being utilised, and whether it could be optimised to deliver savings.


NPS undertook an occupancy and storage audit of the two sites to assess space utilisation.  The study captured occupancy levels across directorates, teams and clinical and non clinical staff, identified existing storage use, and positioned the hospital’s space utilisation performance against other public bodies.


Our work included: 

  • an occupancy and storage audit of Barclay House and the former Nurses’ Home 
  • interviews with senior officers to identify strategic context 
  • comparative ‘benchmarking’ of space utilisation 
  • recommendations on future work to support implementation of agile working.