Finding permanent disabled access solutions

NPS worked with Hull City Council’s Conservation Officer and English Heritage to find a permanent solution for disabled access to the main entrance of Hull’s Guild Hall.


The scheme, which replaces a temporary metal ramp, had to meet Planning and Listed Building requirements. The Grade II listed Guild Hall required the highest quality materials and design, with stone sizes and materials matched to the existing building fabric and pavements. In order to also comply with English Heritage and Planning requirements, the design had to be symmetrical.


Our design incorporated the existing stepped approach at the front with a ramp to one side and a new stepped approach to the other. The new ramp and steps were surfaced in York Stone, reclaimed from the pavements and original side steps which were removed to make room for the new disabled access entrance. This stone was also used to make repairs to worn steps at the front. This approach reduced the need to introduce further materials and preserved the original high quality materials.


The walls on either side of the ramps were constructed with reinforced in-situ concrete and clad with granite to match the stone on the Guild Hall’s plinth in both colour and texture. The two ramps provide the maximum gradient permissible without handrails, thus minimising use of materials. The guardrails are designed to compliment the detailing and metalwork style of the Guild Hall’s windows.