Occupancy Audit and Workplace Strategy for Hounslow

The London Borough of Hounslow occupied a civic centre which was too large for its own needs, expensive to run and was in a poor state of repair. The council wished to asses how well its existing space was being used, to explore the feasibility of a replacement civic centre through the sale of its existing centre and embrace agile working consistent with its transformation into a modern, efficient organisation. 

NPS undertook an occupancy and storage audit of the civic centre to assess how well office space was being used. The study identified space utilisation across all 4 pavilions of the civic centre and positioned the council’s performance in using space against other similar authorities.


Our work included:

• Occupancy Audit of the civic centre
• Storage Audit of civic centre
• Interviews with senior officers to identify strategic context
• Assessment of future office space needs

As well as the occupancy and storage audit NPS created a workplace strategy for the council focused on implementing agile working. NPS contributed to development of a business case for the replacement of the existing civic centre with a new build or new acquisition.