Thurrock Council - Office space utilisation study

We were asked to undertake an occupancy and storage audit of Thurrock Council’s civic centre to assess the potential to accommodate additional staff. Implicit in the analysis of current and future use was the assumption that extra staff could be accommodated through the introduction of flexible working.


An initial design concept and floor layouts were developed based on a ‘near but less than maximum occupancy’ approach assuming the adoption of flexible working.


Our work included:

• Occupancy & Storage Audit
• Development of initial design concepts & floor layouts to illustrate potential for improved space utilisation
• Feasibility study to identify costs of re-designing civic office to support flexible working
• Outline Business Case for re-design of civic office

An outline business case for the re-design of the civic centre was developed based on the council’s wider office strategy and corporate objectives. Further variations in design supporting different levels of utilisation were designed and costed as alternative future options.