Ensuring effective delivery of Facilities Management service

With Local Authorities facing so many financial and organisational challenges, having a clear view of the way forward is essential.  Strategic Asset Management plays a vital role in this process by helping to ensure services are delivered effectively. We understand no two organisations we work with are the same, which is why our approach is always to listen first, and then provide the right solutions.


In response to budget restraints, West Sussex County Council created a single corporate Facilities Management (FM) function for its support services.  NPS were subsequently appointed to undertake a review of this FM function to assess its overall capacity and expertise while also identifying broad options for its development over the medium term. 


Using our ‘Organisational Audit’ template which was specially modified to provide a specific FM focus, we conducted an evaluation of the overall capacity and expertise of the FM function at an individual activity level drawing on available data on activity volumes, costs and capacity (in terms of FTEs)


In addition, some comparisons were undertaken with other similar organisations. These focussed on both issues around the organisation of the service, its current challenges and future intentions, and benchmarking of costs at a specific activity level. The report was written up in the form of an audit.


Our activities included:
• Audit of capacity & expertise
• Identification of FM activity volumes & costs
• Assessment of capacity & resilience of individual activities 
• Identification of strengths & weaknesses
• Limited ‘benchmarking’ with other organisations
• Identification & evaluation of future options for FM service


Our work confirmed that the FM function was adequately resourced and operating effectively, however highlighted some minor organisational and process changes that would improve operations further. We also identified both immediate priorities and longer term options for developing the service


The audit had the additional benefit of being used as an effective communication tool with senior decision makers about future options for the service.