Invest to save energy costs

We are guiding Norfolk County Council's investment decisions, as the authority seeks to make long-term savings through reductions in energy use.  New legislation and carbon-related taxes mean that doing nothing would incur a cost that would rise to unacceptable levels.


Our Strategic Asset Management team has reviewed their property portfolio with a view to where targeted investment would bring the most benefits.  Together we have generated a proposal and secured a budget for carbon and energy reduction of £9.38m over three years.  We will spend this wisely on projects that prevent energy being wasted, with a target of achieving savings of £1.5m per year.  Our surveying and design teams are experts in the application of new technology that will maximise carbon reduction across the Council's building assets.


We are managing this Carbon and Energy Reduction Fund (CERF) on behalf of Norfolk County Council.  It will make a significant contribution to Norfolk’s Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) target of a 25% reduction by April 2014.  Achieving this target will reduce the authority's risks and liabilities in the future.