Budget surplus management

Our property maintenance budget management is carried out with a keen awareness of how any spare funds can be used effectively in the community.


A demonstration can be seen in how we have managed the property budget for South Lakeland District Council. We write an annual rolling plan for maintenance spending, with priorities identified using data from our building surveys. Inevitably it includes a small amount of contingency fund to allow for unplanned overspends.


In Windermere, the flagpole in Ellerthwaite Gardens had suffered repeated incidents of vandalism, with the rope being slashed. Windermere Town Council asked South Lakes Development Trust for assistance, and they in turn came to NPS for advice. We were able to suggest a technical solution in the form of a modern design of flagpole with an internal rope and hoisting mechanism. However, the town council did not have any funding available for it.


By closely examining the budget, we were able to identify some unused contingency funds from various projects. We were able to gain approval to amalgamate the contingencies and allocate them to pay for a new vandal-proof flagpole in Windermere.