Effective project co-ordination

Under our joint venture arrangement with the Royal Borough of Kingston-upon-Thames we were called upon to manage a refurbishment of the swimming pool at Kingfisher Leisure Centre. The programme for the project would be very tight, as all the work needed to be completed within the three-week 2008 Christmas closedown.  The work required was quite extensive:


  • Drain the pool and carry out any necessary repairs
  • Replace the water filtration system to improve the water quality
  • Replace the corroded lighting above the pool — this needed a large scaffolding structure to achieve safely
  • Install an underwater CCTV system to ensure the safety of swimmers
  • Construct a new water feature in the pool.


This required many different contractors to work around each other in close proximity at the same time, with considerable potential for clashes. Our highly experienced engineer Graham Fisher developed a programme that phased different activities to avoid conflicts. He then drove the programme forward and ensured that all the contractors worked collaboratively. The project was completed successfully two days early.


Nick Balchin, the strategic manager for leisure partnerships for Kingston Council, expressed his gratitude:  "While all who were involved worked well, I would like to single out Graham Fisher for special praise. He co-ordinated the whole project in a most effective and professional manner. His total dedication to a successful final outcome went far beyond what would normally be expected of a consultant. His experience and practical knowledge of managing such a project were evident from the very start, and he clearly commanded the respect of every trade and profession on site".