Worthy of recommendation

We carry out a range of property services for the London Borough of Waltham Forest under a joint venture agreement. Their level of satisfaction with the services we provide led to LBWF recommending us to their local NHS Primary Care Trust (PCT).


On the strength of that recommendation we were able to begin managing some of the planned preventative maintenance for the PCT's administration sites such as care centres, clinics, and offices. We developed a programme for effective maintenance of mechanical & electrical services, and this evolved into an additional service for management of reactive services maintenance. The scope of our relationship continued to grow, as the PCT came to us to manage a number of refurbishment and minor works projects. Ultimately we worked with both clients to manage a joint procurement exercise for their supply chain of contractors.


As a demonstration of how well we had lived up to the recommendation from LBWF, the Waltham Forest PCT awarded us with their "Supplier Contractor of the Year Award" in 2008.