Whole life costing of fire doors

We develop a deep understanding of our clients, and the factors that are important to them. Many of our clients, particularly in the education sector, are very aware of the need to obtain the best possible value for money in the long term. By finding ways of minimising their ongoing property maintenance costs, we can free up more of their operational budgets for teaching resources.


For more than ten years we have been working with Cecil Jones College in Southend, Essex, to provide maintenance and refurbishment for the building and its systems. During that time we had noticed a drop in the quality of the fire doors available on the market. Many of the ones available were constructed with a particle board core, and were not likely to stand up well to the rigours of being used in a busy environment such as a secondary school.


Keen to provide a valued client with the best value, we researched all the products available and assessed how well they would perform. We built a business case for selecting a range of high quality solid timber fire doors for installation at Cecil Jones College. In spite of costing five times more than the cheapest ones available, we made the case that they would last much longer and need less maintenance.


The College had sufficient trust in our experience to go with our recommendation. A business relationship like this is able to flourish because the client knows that we have their best interests at heart.