Practical approach to helping farmers

We take a partnership approach to working with our tenants and developing their businesses, with the aim of creating a sustainable County Farms Estate for the benefit of both landlord and tenant alike.


For example, for a number of years we have worked closely with Sam Hill, an arable farming tenant with 220 acres on the county estate at Ludham in Norfolk. Sam wanted to install new grain silos, which would need planning consent. We visited the farm and discussed the development with him. We have considerable expertise in the planning process, so we had the capability to do the application more quickly than Sam could himself. Without charging any payment, we made drawings of the scheme and prepared a planning application for Sam to submit to the local planning authority. We then negotiated with the planning authority directly to resolve their queries and enable consent to be granted. When the works went ahead, we provided a funding contribution by paying for construction of the concrete bases upon which the silos stand.


Sam is a qualified sprayer tester, and contracts his expertise to neighbouring farms. We have advertised his sprayer testing business at no cost in the County Farms newsletter, which goes free of charge to his target market.


We received a letter from Sam in which he expressed his gratitude. "My experience of NPS has been one of thorough satisfaction in every respect. I have found their staff very fair, straightforward to deal with, and helpful — particularly to those prepared to help themselves, with a practical approach taken wherever possible in an effort to reduce time, expense, and waste."