Planning for renewable energy

Our skills in energy and sustainability management are being used to investigate how 19th Century technology may provide sustainable energy for the 21st Century.


We are managing a project for our joint venture partners Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council to investigate the potential for generation of renewable energy in the town.  The watercourses that run through Stockport feature a number of weirs that were built in the 19th Century to power the mills of the local industry.  It may be possible to install a small hydro-electric power generation unit on such a weir as a way of producing clean electricity.


To enable a feasibility study to go ahead, we made a successful bid to the Energy Saving Trust for devolved central government funding to support the project.  Specialist consultants Water Power Enterprises are to carry out the feasibility study with a view to designing a practical engineering solution and business model.


If successful, the scheme could reduce the Council’s net CO2 emissions by around 1,300 tonnes per year.