Minimising disruption in Harleston

We have extensive experience of working in occupied buildings, and our refurbishment projects are planned with great care in order to minimise disruption for building users.


A project at Harleston Primary School in Norfolk was typical, as the scale of the work meant that it could not be carried out within the times when the school would be closed. We needed to produce a comprehensive project programme, in which the sequencing was critical to minimise disruption.


While it would have been easier for the contractor to begin to tackle similar jobs across the whole site, we needed to ensure that as much of the building remained usable as possible. We produced a sequence and programme that featured colour-coded diagrams for the contractor to follow, and established a monitoring and control system to ensure that it was adhered to.


For example, some of the first elements of the refurbishment were on the far side of the site. To avoid the ground being damaged by the contractor's vehicles accessing those areas, we specified a temporary haul road within defined boundaries. Nearby trees were protected from damage with additional fencing. Part of one building needed to be demolished and the rest of the building refurbished, but we insisted that those areas were segregated and worked on at separate times to better fit with the school's needs. Other works to car parking areas were carried out during half-term and term holidays when the school was empty.


The project was completed successfully in accordance with our programme. The Headmaster, Roger Walsh, expressed his feelings about the achievements of NPS Group at his school by saying, "... I have really enjoyed and appreciated your role in the life of my school."