Involving young farmers

We are involved with the DEFRA ‘Fresh Start’ initiative that helps to encourage new entrants to the agricultural industries to build successful careers and businesses.


The Fresh Start Academy is a calendar of training events that take place at host organisations around England. In Devon, they are run in association with Bicton College and the Devon Federation of Young Farmers Clubs. The Senior Land Agent at our Exeter office, Dan Meek, has run Academy workshops to improve business skills and share knowledge about the County Farms Estates. The sessions aim to train delegates in how to:


  • Research market forces in different agricultural markets
  • Keep track of relevant legislation and assess its impact on agricultural businesses
  • Assess the profitability of different farming activities in a local context
  • Build the detailed business plans necessary to launch new farm enterprises
  • Conduct themselves in interviews with potential funders
  • Apply for a tenancy on the County Farm Estate.


This not only helps to uphold the skills of the farming community, but also helps to make the County Farms Estate a viable career option for the next generation.


For more information about the DEFRA initiative, go to the Fresh Start website.