Gallery fit for a Turner

Work with local authorities to bring their facilities in line with national standards so they can take part in important events.


Part of the property portfolio we manage for Hull City Council is the Ferens Art Gallery. In early 2009 the gallery was invited to take part in a touring exhibition by the Tate Gallery and Nottingham Castle Gallery. "Coasting — Turner and Bonnington on the Shores of the Channel" was an exhibition that provided a rare opportunity to see the works of these two 19th-Century artists. The exhibition organisers gave use their specification for the building facilities, and we checked to ensure whether their requirements were in place.


We found that the building security needed to be upgraded. With very little time available before the exhibition was due to start, we arranged for extra security features to upgrade the gallery's security classification. They remained in place afterwards, as the Ferens Gallery realised it was a sensible measure for the protection of their own artworks. We also needed to prove to the exhibition organisers that we could maintain climactic conditions inside the gallery within the specified limits for conservation of antique paintings of national importance. We carried out monitoring of temperature and humidity using equipment that we had installed, and produced evidence for the exhibition organisers that demonstrated we could meet the requirement.


The exhibition was a success, and helped to bring the Ferens Gallery to national prominence.