Ensuring public safety for demolition

We go to great lengths to avoid public health risks from asbestos removal.


As part of our involvement in the Hull Gateway Pathfinder urban renewal programme, we were called upon to manage the public health aspects of the demolition of the former Greif Packaging works. Asbestos Insulation Board was used extensively within the fabric of the building, and we needed to arrange for its safe removal before the demolition contractors could begin their work.


We worked very closely with the Health & Safety Executive to design a way of avoiding asbestos fibres being released into the atmosphere. A major part of the project was public liaison, and our Clerk of Works carried out door-to-door talks with local residents to explain the measures that would be taken to ensure their safety.


First we brought in a scaffolding contractor who installed a scaffolding structure that completely surrounded and covered the affected areas. The structure was then encased in polythene and sealed. Huge fans blew air outward through special filters, to ensure a negative pressure differential at every possible source of leakage.


The specialist contractors were then able to remove the asbestos and have it taken away under safe conditions to a licensed disposal facility. The building could then be demolished and the site cleared without any risk to public health.