Diligence in project management

We ensure that projects receive the staff resources they deserve, and use those resources for the client’s benefit in every possible way.


We undertook to manage the refurbishment of more than 250m of the quay wall at King Edward Quay for Colchester Borough Council. The project involved installing a steel sheet piled quay wall with a cast in-situ concrete capping, and had to be completed within a very tight timescale in order to secure funding. With such a tight time constraint, we needed to drive the programme forward efficiently. To be certain of doing this, we assigned one of our specialist engineers as a dedicated project manager. He was available 100% of the time to manage the whole project from the initial feasibility studies through to completion.


The site presented many difficulties, and the environmentally sensitive nature of the works required several mandatory approvals from DEFRA and the Environment Agency. We built the programme around the granting of these approvals, to eliminate the risk of having to stop work due to a lack of the necessary paperwork. By our dedication, high inspection standards, and effective procedures, we completed the project within the programme.


We also took the opportunity to use the skills applied to the project to offer advice and assistance on other associated works. The Council intended to include a marina as a further phase of works. Even though it was strictly outside the scope of our remit, we helped the client to price the works and ease the process of gaining the required funding.


Will Hawkesworth, the Council's project manager, was delighted. He scored us 159 out of 160 in a customer satisfaction survey, adding, "Thanks for your diligence, the usual high standard of service on this project". Our efforts were rewarded with repeat business for Colchester Borough Council, on works associated with the refurbishment of Hythe Station.