Attention to detail in PPM contracts

We have a keen awareness of the factors that make a successful programme of planned preventative maintenance (PPM), and use it for our clients' benefit.


For example, Colchester Borough Council requested our help in building an effective PPM programme for their property portfolio.  Our first action was to ensure that the Council had a relevant and complete database of its property asset.  One of our highly experienced surveyors was seconded to the Council for a period of time to begin this process.  We created a pro-forma for recording precise details about installed mechanical and electrical equipment, and gave training sessions to nominated Council staff in how to complete the pro-forma for different areas of their portfolio.  Together we carried out an exhaustive survey, from which we were able to compile a database of complete and up to date equipment schedules.


We then drew upon our vast experience of long-term property asset management to devise a maintenance programme that would meet the Council's needs.  Our aim was to provide the client with certainty about its buildings being fully usable, and predictability for a constrained budget.  We developed the programme into specifications for nine separate maintenance contracts, which we then put out to tender on behalf of the Council.


Lee Spalding, the Council's Building Services Manager, was very pleased with the outcome.  "...the attention to detail reflected within both the contract specification and the schedules is outstanding, and has resulted in the Council having the most comprehensive set of PPM contract documentation ever tendered.  In addition to this, the Council now has cost certainty for its PPM contracts for the next 3 years (probably 5) which to the best of my knowledge is something the Council has never had".