Traveller education

NPS Group are helping a new generation of travellers to determine their own future by funding education programmes.

The 27-pitch Saddlebow Caravan Park near Kings Lynn in Norfolk is one of five authorised traveller sites managed by NPS Group on behalf of Norfolk County Council.  We have worked closely with Gloria Buckley MBE, who is the resident site manager at another of the Council's approved sites.  Together we have facilitated many improvements, and promoted a site culture in which the facilities are respected.

To ensure that this good work continues, we have helped to develop an on-site management presence at Saddlebow.  Brady Shaw has been recruited from within the resident travelling community, to be trained up as Site Manager.  After completing two residential courses and a number of assignments, she has been awarded a BTEC Certificate in Gypsy and Traveller Management.  The training was funded by NPS Group.  In a community where formal qualifications are rare, Brady's career development is a significant step forward for the sustainability of the travelling way of life.